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The first of many

Wow this is finally happening! I’ve thought about starting a blog for several years now. Recently I thought “now is better than ever” as I start a new chapter of my life. Sometimes you have to start before you are ready, so that is what I’m doing. It has taken me a long time to start for many reasons, one being that I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use my voice, or what tone I would write this content in. Then I realized I don’t have to know, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be consistent. (Reminder: not everything has to be perfect all the time)

For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself! My name is Sara Schlickau. I am a student at Kansas State University studying bakery science and global food systems leadership with a minor in food science. I

grew up in a very small town in south central Kansas where my graduating class had 18 students. My family runs a cattle operation and farm, so I spent a lot of time outside growing up. You could say that I have been involved in food and agriculture in some capacity my entire life, whether that was on the farm, in the grain elevator, grocery store, or working in the bake lab. At Kansas State I am involved in the Bakery Science club, Food Security Scholars, and Collegiate Farm Bureau. Ultimately, I hope to use science, connection, and volunteerism to feed people across the world. My ideas on how to execute this bigger dream is ever changing, but as of today I intend to work in research and product development, creating food you would purchase in stores or at restaurants.

I finally got the kick in the butt to start this blog because this fall, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy. This will be my first experience out of the country unless you count the Canadian embassy in Washington DC (which I do not). I am hoping to document my experience overseas, and give my opinions and resources on other topics close to my heart. I hope that you follow along as I embark on this journey!

Until next time

- Sara

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Aug 22, 2021

Whooo hoo!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about all the great things you will do!


Aug 22, 2021

Way to go for taking this first step to document and share your journey! Can’t wait to experience Florence through your eyes!


Aug 13, 2021

I cant wait!! You’re so inspiring

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