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Why Statement

"To live with intension, to serve with compassion, to feed, invite, and love humans across the globe"

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Ask why

In the spring of 2021 I was in the inaugural group of Food Security Scholars at Kansas State University. The first phase of the program involved 8-weeks of assembling with peers to discuss food security, poverty, policy, and more. The mission is to: "empowering scholars by fostering curiosity and community to make progress toward a food secure world."

On the very first day of this program we performed the exercise of finding our "why statement". You think that you know yourself until you are given 10 minutes to put your values into 1-3 sentences. This exercise has followed me since, allowing me to know myself in a way I didn't before. 

I recently wrote a blog post about my why statement that flushes out the story of it's creation and how it has impacted me since. Check out the post for more. 

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