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Meet Sara

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About Me

Hi! My name is Sara, and I am a young professional that is passionate about food, agriculture, and living life with intension. I grew up on a farm and ranch in a small town in south central Kansas. In May 2022 I graduated with a BS in bakery science and global food systems leadership. I'm getting ready to go back to the virtual classroom this fall to start my Master's of Food Science. I recently started a new position as an Associate Food Scientist for Conagra Brands in the frozen division. 

The fall of 2021 I studied abroad in Florence Italy, which was the inspiration behind creating this blog! I feel called to share my learnings and lessons with the world, in hopes to impact people in a positive manner. My cornerstone values are gratitude and courage, which are part of the lenses I write from. Here you can find uplifting and real content to inpire, motivate and connect people. 

Thank you for following along!

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Musical Artists

Billy Joel
Lake Street Dive
Lizzy McAlpine
Flatland Cavalry


Eating tasty food


"You are worthy of your own investment"

"You didn't come this far just to come this far"

"Want it more than you fear it"

Things I'll never stop doing

Laughing at my own jokes

Listening to podcasts 8 hours a day 

Eating dairy (even though it doesn't care for me)

Starting scared

I could talk for hours about

Food security, agriculture and trade! The system is interconnected and if we don't look at things from a system thinking approach we will never be able to solve challenges.

Something I believe

We can change the world by the power of personal connection

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Musical Background

I have been singing the national anthem since I was in the sixth grade. I started by singing at every home football, basketball, and track event I could get my hands on at my local school. As my confidence and desire for a bigger stage grew I found myself asking to sing at the local junior college, rodeos and at the Kansas State Fair. When I transferred to Kansas State I made it a mission to sing the National Anthem at a Wildcat event. This video shows my first performance at KSU. Last spring I was also given the opportunity to perform at the Big 12 outdoor track championship. 

If you are looking to book for a performance, please email or complete the contact tab. 

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Young Leaders in AG

January 2020, I had the opportunity to sit down with Brityne Rucker with 'AG am, Young Leaders in AG' at the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference. In this interview we discuss my background in agriculture and my degree path.

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