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An Italian Thanksgiving

I’m writing this on a flight to Madrid the day after thanksgiving. At this point I shouldn’t even say hello from Italy, but hello from Europe do to all the traveling I’ve been doing. To be honest I haven’t kept up with this blog near as much as I wanted to, and I apologize for that. I’m hoping to do some back tracking in the weeks to come to tell you what I’ve been up to. (Prepare yourself for some disorder in timeline) This has been one crazy ride full of lots of travel, frankly more than I ever could have expected. It seems like I’m in a new country every weekend. I’ve learned a lot about how to pack a whole weekend in a small bag, navigate airports and train stations, and making it in countries that primarily don’t speak English. I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve found a sense of peace and home during this time of my life, that I am trying to cling onto as the semester quickly comes to a close. My family laughed on thanksgiving saying I better hold onto my slow mornings full of yoga and tea while I still can, but I’m secretly hoping to keep my morning and evening rituals up when I get back to the US.

This was my first thanksgiving away from my family. I’m reminded how wonderful technology is though because I was still able to attend. While my family ate thanksgiving lunch I was propped up on a computer, where we zoomed. It’s been hard to talk to people (especially family) because of the time difference. By the time everyone is done with work I’m already asleep. This made it exceptionally special to see and talk to them all. They had traditional thanksgiving food, and I had pizza from a pizzeria that knows my order and smiles at me when I walk in the door. Gustapizza has become a bit of a home for me. (Get the pesto pizza, you won’t regret it) For dessert I had a piece of cheesecake from the café under my apartment. While it wasn’t pumpkin roll it still did the trick.

This year I’m thankful for a lot! I mean a lot! Family, friends, the opportunity to study abroad, travel, and gustapizza (just to name a few)! I’m thankful for all of my supporters along this crazy ride both vocal and silent. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, however you found yourself celebrating.

x- Sara

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